Zulli Method Project Based Learning

A 21st Century Model of Learning Powered by Zulli Method

Zulli Method is a 21st century educational company. We use project based learning curriculum to focus on the Four C's of 21st century learning, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. Our project based learning curriculum "units" are designed to meet the challenging demands of today's educational needs while at the same time encouraging students to collaborate, communicate and create together. All of our lessons are group based and require the students to work with each other to complete a project. We currently provide curriculum for grade levels 3rd-5th as well as grade levels 6th-8th. Each unit consists of 18 interactive, project based lessons that are approximately 1 hour each.


Zulli Method leverages the learning sciences to create engaging, relevant, interactive and personalized learning experiences for all students. In contrast to traditional classroom instruction, the Zulli experience empowers the students to take control of their own learning by providing flexibility on several dimensions. A core set of standards-based concepts and competencies should form the basis of what all students learn, but beyond that students should have options for engaging in learning: large groups, small groups, and work tailored to individual goals, needs, interests, and prior experience of each student. Students working and collaborating together on a project leads to higher levels of motivation and achievement.


All units come with 12 lessons and 6 extension lessons, making for a total of 18 projects each lasting about an hour long. Unique to Zulli Method's approach is our all-encompassing nature. All materials/supplies needed for the lesson are included and organized in your unit box. We've designed Zulli to be educator friendly. We've done all the work, so the teacher can simply follow along and spend the majority of the time being engaged with the students versus lecturing at the front of the class.

Our Team

At Zulli Method, we draw from the best in the world of science and math including Finance executives, Mechanical Engineering consultants, leaders in advanced education along with specialists in Child Behavior and teacher focus groups. With this expertise, we have developed world class educational material for both school curriculum and after school programs. You can find us in districts such as: Houston ISD, Spring Branch ISD, HCDE- Case for Kids, Clear Creek ISD, Spring ISD, and Austin ISD.

Here at Zulli Method we continue to update our material to reflect current topics of interest to youth while maintaining the integrity of the math and the science needed for advanced placement and testing. Through Zulli Method, children learn in the most interactive way possible resulting in major improvements in their math and science skills.

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